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Writers Workshop

Offer a quick 10 minute teaching point where you share what we are working on today. Then learners go and try independently. 


Currently we are working on non-fiction research projects.

This is the perfect opportunity to access MyOn or PebbleGo if she is permitted to use the computer for research. 


Possible teaching points for research:

Researchers think about their audience when they organize their information.

Researchers include interesting chapter headings to engage their readers

Writers zoom in on their pictures to teach their reader more about something specific.

Writers use captions to tell more about photographs and illustrations

Researchers locate information that answers their questions.

Researchers think about what information is useful to them and what information they don’t need.

Researchers use more than one resource to gather information about a topic.



Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 8.53.03 PM.png

Sight words are words that students just have to memorize - the do not follow the rules, and cannot be sounded out. 

High frequency words are the words at occur most often when reading.

This list of 220 words is a combination of both. These are the words that learners can work on to support their reading! 

Say them! 

Write them!

Read them!

Spell them!

Put them up in a place to help you remember them!

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