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"Miss Terlop has the innate ability to reach out to each child academically, socially and emotionally. Each student need is addressed and the academic planning is tailored for each student. The gift that Miss Terlop gives to her children is that all her students are taught in a most positive classroom environment. Rachel teaches so that each student learning goal is met. Many student levels are in her classroom and yet each  child is taught in such a professional and caring manner that each child is a most successful and competent learner."

Maggie Eaton, Supervisor at Baldwin-Wallace University

Rachel contributes so much to our school community with weekly yoga and mindful Monday. Starting the week with peaceful reflection and intention setting brings a sense of community and positivity to the building.

Emily Mulford,

Peer Educator

I love mindful Monday, you do a superb job setting the tone not only for the day, but for the rest of the week. You have a calming voice and demeanor while making what you say resonate. I leave feeling lighter and ready for whatever comes at me.

Samantha Meyer,

Peer Educator

Life Changer of the Year Nominee (2016 & 2017)

"Rachel Terlop was nominated by a colleague, Jennifer Knackert. This is the second year Ms. Terlop has been nominated for LifeChanger of the Year. She was previously nominated in 2015-16. LifeChanger is just one of the many titles Ms. Terlop embodies each and every day. Jennifer, who is an AmeriCorps member, was fortunate enough to share a classroom with Ms. Terlop for an entire school year. Ms. Terlop's passion for helping her students grow and reach their full potential is evident in her practices and positive attitude. It is unbelievable to watch her simultaneously take on all of the roles she has claimed, giving each of them the full attention and accountability they require.

As an educator, Ms. Terlop strives to be an open and engaging source of knowledge and academic support for her students. She constantly reinvents her teaching practices so as to provide her students with the best and most engaging lessons possible. Her vast ability to differentiate for her students reveals itself through her utilization of exercise balls as seats, writing with dry erase markers on the floor, hands-on science experiments, well-placed dance breaks and many more innovative practices she is constantly introducing into her classroom.

As a caregiver, Ms. Terlop understands the importance of building relationships with her students and their families. Her empathy and desire to make each student and their family feel welcome sets her classroom apart. In an area of DC where parent involvement is perceived as non-existent, Ms. Terlop has chosen to ignore these unfair assumptions. Her ability to connect with students and their families means that she is never short of a parent chaperone for a field trip or parent attendance at a Saturday reading in the park event.

As an advocate, Ms. Terlop doesn’t shy away from topics that others may feel uncomfortable engaging with, such as race, socioeconomic status and ability level. She recognizes her own privileges, and she not only advocates for her students, but strives to help them learn how to effectively advocate for themselves. She understands the detrimental impact of implicit bias on her students and works to mitigate it within her practices.

As a student herself, Ms. Terlop understands that no one ever knows everything, and that there is always something more to learn. Not only is she pursuing her Master’s degree while teaching, but she also understands the immense value of the lessons her students have taught her. She takes time out of her day to listen to them and allows their insight to shape her teaching practices and her classroom’s environment.

According to Jennifer, Ms. Terlop has a passion for education at her core unlike anything she has ever experienced before. Ms. Terlop is unafraid to challenge each and every obstacle put in her way and dance while she’s doing it. One doesn’t have to guess that she is a LifeChanger, because she has changed the lives of so many people, including Jennifer. Just by being herself, she inspires you to be the best version of yourself. She is a ground breaker, difference maker, and LifeChanger."

I have had the pleasure of working with Rachel in 2013 while teaching 4 year old kindergarten. Not only was Rachel an outstanding teacher, but coworker as well. She brought excitement to our team of teachers and was kind, caring and supportive. She went above and beyond her duties as a teacher, and helped provide multiple experiences for our students outside the classroom. When I think of Rachel's classroom, the word creative comes to mind. Rachel could take a simple standard or subject and bring it to life. All of her students were engaged and loved the hands-on exploration she provided in her classroom. They were encouraged to think outside the box and their unique learning styles were celebrated. She was able to adapt her lesson plans to fit the needs of all students.

Her interactions with her students is another strength always witnessed in her classroom. She related to each and every one of them, and their families as well. She built positive relationships that made the students feel safe and loved.

Many teachers have come and gone throughout my career, but not many have left the impression Rachel has. She is a constant reminder to love your job, students and the possibilities you can create for them. Rachel has a positive impact on everyone she meets and I am lucky to have had her as a coworker. She genuinely cares about her students, coworkers and community. Her passion for life and teaching is truly inspiring.

-Katie Moes,

Peer Educator

I had the privilege of working with Mrs. Terlop for far too short a time, but that time was very memorable - both for her colleagues and the children she taught. One always knew when Mrs. Terlop was around - she infused enthusiasm and creativity into everything she did in school, and the children loved her for it and benefited immensely from being in her class. Her classroom had a lively buzz about it at all times; Mrs. Terlop makes learning fun and cares tremendously for the children in her charge. She is well-deserving of this reward.

-Tamara DeMelo, Peer Educator

As an urban educator myself, I can say with out a doubt that Rachel is an absolute life changer. She is driven, kind, intelligent, patient, creative, the list goes on.. But the most important quality Rachel possesses is the fact that she believes, unwaveringly, in her students. This is the factor that changes lives: having someone who is there every day to remind you that you are loved, you are worthy, and you are capable of greatness. And for the children in Mrs. Terlop's class, she is that constant reminder.

Outstanding, dedicated, enthusiastic and inspiring. All of these words encapsulate Mrs Terlop. My daughter was lucky enough to have her as a teacher last year and she constantly raved about her. We feel very lucky and she is most certainly a life changer for many children, I'm sure!

-Nicky Jenner, Parent

My daughter loved Ms. Terlop as her 4K teacher! Ms. Terlop helped cultivate my daughters interest in exploring the world around her. She was so sad when Ms Terlop had to move away and she still talks about her now two years later.

-Angie Qualio, Parent

-Leah Hough,

Peer Educator

The overriding goal of Ms. Terlop's classroom is not just to instill interest in learning but to reinforce citizenship skills, develop empathy and kindness. She devotes lots of time and resources to get students involved with community activities and service projects. Ms. Terlop has sponsored several school-based activities. She tirelessly researches and implements the best practices in the classroom.

-Izabela Miller,


Rachel’s Mindful Monday sessions and Wednesday yoga classes ground me. As an adult with unmedicated ADHD and PTSD, the grounding, positive environment Rachel creates with her presence is reaffirming to me. I feel my stress lift when I see her smile or hear her warm greetings. All who come into contact with this giving, open, compassionate person are improved when she asks us to look inward and focus on the energy we absorb and exert from and into our surroundings. Rachel’s gatherings create a strong sense of community full of healing and laughter. She takes our journey together so seriously that she maintains a consistent air of positivity and generosity with herself and her time. Rachel always challenges herself to model the change she wants to help bring to the world and it inspires her colleagues do the same. Rachel is so successful in this that her space is one where all staff gather in the morning before we work so that we may borrow some of the light she brings. This year has been made more enjoyable because of Rachel and her crucial work in Social-Emotional Learning.

Alex Randall, Peer Educator

Ms. Terlop is an outstanding and amazing employee and person! She really takes the time to ensure that her students are constantly engaged and have that continued rapport and connection with her despite the current COVID-19 hardships we are all facing. I have witnessed Ms. Terlop go above and beyond the call of duty when faced with the adversity of distant learning this year, as she is always finding creative ways to cultivate a positive and inclusive work environment in an ever changing cognitively diverse and dynamic time we live in and are faced with.


Ms. Terlop is always thinking of innovative ways to get her students involved, ensuring they have stable internet connectivity, that they are given undivided attention by her and rendering additional support if needed. She is there for not only the students, but for the parents as well. She is always available to listen and brainstorm possibilities with all parties involved therefore a common goal can be reached that is best for all to benefit from. Ms. Terlop serves as liaison between the leadership, parents and staff and is the key interlocutor postured in her role for the betterment of her student's education.


Ms. Terlop without a doubt is groomed for success, a top notch servant leader with a teaching approach that's witnessed and applauded by many, to include her peers. Because of her keen attention to detail and care for others, there's no doubt in my mind that the student's placed under her tutelage will reap the benefits of her teaching style and continue to learn in this rapidly changing environment. Her students are destined to do great things as they continue to be challenged, rewarded and developed by their educational skillset administered by Ms. Terlop's learning platform of fundamentals. I wholeheartedly could not think of another person more deserving of this award as Ms. Terlop meets all the requirements and possesses a charm and charisma that I'm glad to find in a teacher developing our youth in the present, for the future!

Peter James Bolton, Office of Joint Chief of Staff - Air Force

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