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Presenter at Northwest Council for Computer Education, March 2020

Seattle, Washington

If technology is 'the tools and machines that help to solve problems or do new things,' then anyone can have access to technology in their classrooms. Traveling abroad to Bwindi, Uganda to train teachers, it was quickly learned that technology integration is a choice - only if you choose to access the technology available. Nature, recycled materials, and a bit of creativity is all that is needed to create an immersive and hands on learning experience for your scholars. Then, unleash your scholars to do the same. Create a learner centered environment by allowing students to contribute and build into your classroom.


Opening Minds Conference 

January 2020

Chicago, Illinois

Gross motor movement can positively impact student's ability to decode words - by pairing a letter with a keyword, picture, sound, and movement, students are more able to retain decoding information.



Limited Resource Teacher Training (LRTT) Fellowship,

July 2019

Bwindi, Uganda

One month spent in classrooms of the Kanugu District in Bwindi, Uganda, paired with 100 hours of professional development around academic coaching, observation, and feedback cycles. In addition to coaching teachers one-on-one, participated with 25 other fellows to design and hold 20+ hours of professional development for the teachers in the district around mindset, climate for learning, and instructional strategies. 

Breathe for Change, Change Agent Program,

August 2018 - May 2019

- Facilitated monthly professional development workshop for staff around social emotional learning. 


- Integrated mind-body wellness practices like mindfulness, meditation, and yoga throughout weekly staff meetings (Mindful Monday and Warrior Wednesday).

- Implemented social justice action plan in collaboration with diverse members of the school community.

Presenter at Northwest Council for Computer Education, February 2019

Seattle, Washington

Creating an independent classroom culture takes a lot of time and effort, but with augmented reality platforms, teachers can set up their classroom in a way that allows students to navigate their space without verbal reinforcement. Using the HP Reveal app, teachers can attach a video to a trigger image. When the trigger images scanned, a video, of the teachers creation, will play. Imagine having a classroom filled with prerecorded directions, questions, and learning opportunities only one scan away! Student led classrooms never felt so achievable.


Presenter at Learner Conference, June 2018

Athens, Greece 

"The Effect of Gross-Motor Movement on Decoding Ability: Using The Wilson Language Fundations Phonics Curriculum"

Presenter in Trinity Washington University's Research Colloquium, April 2018

Use of GooseChase app in educational settings and focus on gamifaction of education


Presenter at Northwest Council for Computer Education, February 2018

Seattle, Washington

Bring STEM learning to life and actively engage all learners. Integrate literacy and art aspects into PBL while making learning relevant to your students and the community. Bring the real world into your classroom and bring your students out into the real world. Active learning means Active minds!


Presenter in Trinity Washington University's Research Colloquium, April 2017

- Presented action research project on the use of gross motor movement and phonics instruction

- Developed gross motor phonics intervention protocol in my second grade classroom

- Spent one month tracking five student's growth in decoding of CVC words and analyzing miscues

- After one month of the intervention, five students being tracked made over half a year's growth in a CVC decoding measure

Panelist for National Early Childhood Workforce, September 2017

- Spoke with five professionals on a panel about the state of Early Childhood Education in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area

- Represented the public school sector in the dialogue

Speaker at ACEI Global Summit on Childhood, March 2016

- Traveled to Costa Rica to present at the ACEI Global Summit on Childhood

- Presented for 90 minutes on the importance of utilizing nature in the education of children

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