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What If...? Round 2

After our exploration ofWhat If...? by Andrew R McHugh and Matt Murrie went smashingly last week, I decided to return to this book during morning meeting this week. Our landform unit has started off strong, and this What If...? book is chalked full of things that are related to land, nature, and geography.

Turning to the question, "What if you had to live on an island?," relates to our Cornerstone project. Students will be designing their own islands out of clay, and creating a key to help people read and understand the map. Starting thinking about what needs to be on this island, was a great first step.

Imagine that you and 269 friends are moving to an island. What needs to be on it, so you can live comfortably? Food? Resources? Living quarters?

In the span of half an hour, students had created their islands and were filming each other on FlipGrid explaining their island for their peers to review.

Check them out: FlipCode: floatingisland

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