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What If? Room Design

Mr. Ewing, work-husband extraordinaire, gave me The Book of What If...? by Matt Murrie and Andrew R McHugh back in December. This book is all questions and no answers. It opens up topics for discussion and elaboration, and is just the thing to add spice to any morning meeting.

With the discussion of Geography in our classroom, I have been introducing map skills to my students. Bringing out What If...? allowed students the opportunity to make their own map.

What if there was no school? Well, that just can't happen. What if you designed your own classroom?! That's more like it.

After we read the chapter in What If...?, students had the opportunity to draw their own classroom. Our classroom was suddenly a buzz with crayons, and ideas, and plants, and video games, and bean bag day dreams! After drawing, the class was split down the middle - one half worked with me to write about their classroom design, sharing specifics and details, while the other half made an actual map. Writers were busy exploring questions such as - How many plants? What subjects are being taught? What kind of class pet is in the room? The map makers were using Classroom Architect to design their ideal classroom space.

Their maps, writing, and architect designs speak for themselves.

Thank you for the incredible resource, Mr. Ewing.

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