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Icing or Magma?

Updated: Mar 7, 2018

Glue? Icing! SUGAR! YUM!

Monday marks the beginning of a new unit: Geography and Geology! We are going to be talking about plate tectonics, landforms, and the rocks that are found among them. The Cornerstone for this unit will be students making their own island, constructing it, and making a map key with a variety of landforms labeled.

Day 1: What is plate tectonics?

We started this unit by learning about the basics of land formations. Three big words - transformative, divergent, and convergent. We learned hand motions for these three words to represent their movements. Convergent means come together, Divergent means to move apart, and Transformative means to rub agains one another. After learning hand motions, it was time to unleash the youths.

Saltines, icing, and a plate - we used the motions we used to associate with plate movement. When the 'plates' converged, the icing smushed up from the middle, OR the plate itself smushed up. What would that mean in real life? Mountains? Volcanos? I am amazed by how quickly the kids caught on. Someone even realized that the icing was the magma. Check their reflections out at with the flipcode: unit5.

Next step is us using the earthquake tables in STEM to replicate transformative movements. Thank goodness for supportive co-workers!

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