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#30days until 3rd.

When we started this journey over 300 school days ago, I was blown away by this class. Every single one of them has a strong, fierce, and independent personality. Somehow though, despite all the different personalities, we work well together.

However, for those of us who know our classroom and my students, you know that we hit our 'growing pains phase' during the middle of the year. For a while, everything felt sticky. Like when your shoe gets caught in a big wad of gum, and you feel the definite pull backwards as you try to move on. Maybe we were in a rut, maybe we were exhausted of the routine, maybe we were missing the fire and energy that friends who moved on from our classroom contributed. No matter what it was, we've been pushing ourselves out of the molasses for a while now.

Today though, the sun came out. Friends who needed glasses, got glasses. We rolled up the carpet, sat on yoga mats, and did math on the floor with shaving cream. We GooseChased around the classroom, danced to 'Havana,' and did our centers. Something felt lighter today. Everyone felt bouncy, yet calm. I'm unsure of what changed, but it felt good.

Thank goodness spring has sprung! #30days until 3rd.

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