First Grade Teacher,

Pine Spring Elementary School, Fairfax, VA

August 2019 - Present

- Implementation of Workshop Model in Reading, Writing, and Math

- Grade Level Team Leader

- Facilitator of Collaborative Team Learning (CLT)

- Student Teacher mentor during Digital and Distance Learning through George Mason University

- Weekly yoga offering for staff members


Third Grade Teacher,

John W. Ross Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

August 2018 – June 2019

- Daily differentiated lessons for Guided Reading, Close Reading, Writers Workshop, and Mathematics (Eureka)

- Co-Chair for Peace of Mind Implementation and Staff Development

- Point of Contact: Breathe for Change Change Agent Program


Adjunct Professor,

Trinity Washington University, Washington, D.C.

May 2017 - July 2019


EDCC 207: Development of Learning Experiences in Early Child Education

• Plan, implement, and evaluate a developmentally appropriate integrated approach across curriculum areas based on early learning standards

• Select culturally, linguistically, and ability responsive materials that have multiple purposes, are adaptable and varied, and promote learning, including learning about diverse cultures and shared humanity.

• Construct learning environments that support healthy, developmentally appropriate, and positive behavioral and learning expectations.

EDCC 211: Development of Early Childhood Oral Language and Literacy Skills

• Participants will demonstrate strategies for developing listening, oral language, writing, and reading skills in young learners.

• Participants will demonstrate practices for literacy instruction that are linked to children’s interests and developmental capacities


EDCC 250: Technology in Education

• Demonstrate the ability to effectively and intentionally integrate technology into the curriculum for young diverse children.

• Plan developmentally appropriate creative, cross-curricular lessons using the Common Core and Early learning standards while incorporating technology into the early childhood curriculum.

EDCC 301: Classroom Management

• Understand the importance of organizing, planning, and strategically executing ones

time, materials, the classroom schedule, and classroom space that will meet each

students’ physical, social, emotional, moral, and cognitive development

• Utilize developmentally appropriate strategies for managing individual and large group

student behaviors, transitions, activities, and other arrangements for classrooms to meet

the diverse needs of all students.

EDCC 340: Teaching and Learning

• Demonstrate an understanding of how children, learn and develop, and to provide learning opportunities which support their intellectual, social-emotional, and personal development.

• Explain and describe how learning occurs, how students construct knowledge and acquire skills, and to develop and use a variety of instructional strategies.

• Recognize that the students’ physical, social, emotional, moral, and cognitive development influence their learning and to consider these factors when making instructional decisions.

EDTE 421: Emergent Literacy

• Explore the developmental continuum of literacy acquisition in early childhood and provide the foundation for learning developmentally appropriate techniques for enhancing early literacy development

• Focus on Guided Reading for emergent through transitional readers, running records, data analysis, and techniques for addressing misunderstandings and foundational gaps

First/Second Grade Inclusion Teacher, Early Childhood

August 2015 – June 2018

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

- Daily differentiated lessons for Guided Reading, Close Reading, and Mathematics (Eureka)

- Differentiated center activities, ELA and Math, for students based on data collection

- Collaborated with grade level partner teachers, and Special Education teachers, during weekly Professional Development (LEAP)

- Co-Chair of Culture and Climate, Hospitality Committee and STEM Night

- Afterschool tutoring sessions for students significantly below grade level

- Professional development for City Year Corp members on teaching to multiple intelligences

 Self-Contained Autism Teacher, Early Childhood

June 2016 – July 2016

Amidon-Bowen Elementary School, Washington, D.C.

- Planned center activities for students based around IEP needs

- Collaborated with five paraprofessionals to ensure IEP goals were used to drive instruction, and data was collected on a daily basis

Year 3 Form Teacher, Early Childhood  

August 2014 – July 2015

Kenton College Preparatory School, Nairobi, Kenya

- Planned and carried out lessons for all major subject areas, including Art and Social Skills, whilst aligning to IAPS Standards and British National Curriculum

- Differentiated instruction within lessons, accommodating all documented needs

- Participated in weekly Professional Development meetings with Year 3 and Junior School team members toenhance learning experiences

- Planned and carried out Junior and Senior school activities; ballroom dancing and singing

- Co-lead of props in the Senior School production of Bugsy Malone

 Long Term Substitute, Early Childhood, Grade 5 – April 2014 – June 2014

 Liberty Elementary School, Frederick, MD

- Planned and carried out lessons for all major subject areas using the Common Core Curriculum

- Participated in weekly Professional Learning meetings with Grade 5 team members

Teacher, 4 Year Old Kindergarten August 2013

March 2013 Green Bay, WI

Howard Suamico School District Partnership Program,  Good Shepherd Preschool

- Implemented the Gradual Release of Responsibility teaching model for student independence

- Collaborated on a regular basis with a co-teacher and team of 4K teachers within the school

- Participated in PLCs with surrounding schools to build foundation skills for the Creative Curriculum

- Communicated with parents about student progress through weekly newsletters, social media, e-mails and personal conferences

Related Employment Experience 

June 2019 - August 2019

Legends of Learning, Online Gaming for Classrooms

- Played standards related math games up for review on the Legends of Learning site

- Assessed games based on standards alignment, vocabulary, accuracy, and ease of play

- Crafted questions to support teachers in pre-assessment/post-assessment

Undergraduate Student Teaching Experience 

Teacher Candidate, Early Childhood, Grade 3 – Spring 2013

Liberty Elementary School, North Ridgeville, OH

Teacher Candidate, Early Childhood, Grade 5 – Spring 2013

Liberty Elementary School, North Ridgeville, OH

Methods Experience Teacher Candidate, Early Childhood, Grade K – Fall 2012

Independence Primary School, Independence, OH

Methods Experience Teacher Candidate, Generalist Endorsement, Grades 4/5 – Spring 2012

Olmsted Falls Intermediate School, Olmsted Falls, OH

Rachel Terlop

2019 Henry Ford Innovation Nation Teacher of the Year

Social Emotional Learning and Facilitation Coach

Early Childhood B.S.Ed & M.A.T. and RYT-200

Guided Reading

Guided Reading